Who we are?

Our Story

During the COVID-19 pandemic, when physical gatherings and travel were restricted, many families, including mine, faced challenges in staying connected, especially when they were spread across different parts of India. In my case, my grandparents, my dada-dadi, and my nana-nani lived in separate regions, making it difficult for them to come together for religious activities like paath (prayer recitation) and stay in sync with each other.

To overcome this challenge, my family initially tried using digital platforms like Zoom or telephone calls to conduct paath sessions together. However, we soon realized that these methods were not efficient or effective in ensuring everyone was on the same page. The time delays and technical glitches made it difficult for my grandparents to follow along, leading to a lack of synchronization and decreased spiritual connection.

That’s when I came up with the idea of Gurbanity, a platform specifically designed to address the challenges faced by Sikh families during such times. Gurbanity serves as a virtual hub where individuals and families can connect, recite Gurbani, and engage in spiritual practices together, regardless of their physical locations.

Through Gurbanity, my grandparents, dada-dadi, and nana-nani can come together virtually, irrespective of the distances between them. They can join a synchronized paath session where the words of Gurbani are displayed on the screen, allowing everyone to follow along easily. The platform incorporates features like audio recitation, translations, and transliterations, catering to individuals who may not be fluent in Punjabi or are unfamiliar with Gurbani.

Moreover, Gurbanity provides a sense of community by enabling users to form groups, join live discussions, and share their experiences and insights related to Gurbani. This fosters a supportive environment where individuals can learn from each other and deepen their spiritual connection.

To make Gurbanity accessible to all, the platform is designed to be user-friendly, even for those with limited technical knowledge. Its intuitive interface ensures that users of all age groups can navigate the platform effortlessly and engage in spiritual activities without any hindrance.

By creating Gurbanity, I aim to bridge the gap between Gursikhs and their Gurbani, ensuring that no matter where they are located, they can connect with their Sikh heritage and maintain a strong relationship with the teachings of the Gurus. Gurbanity not only allows my grandparents, dada-dadi, and nana-nani to come together virtually, but it also provides a platform for Sikh families worldwide to share their faith, strengthen their bond, and collectively experience the power of Gurbani.

Our Mission

At Gurbanity, our mission is clear: to bring Gursikhs closer to their Gurbani. We offer a user-friendly platform that connects people, fosters community, and enables synchronized paath sessions. Our aim is to make Sikh heritage and the teachings of the Gurus accessible and relevant to Sikhs worldwide. We also strive to educate and inspire users about Sikh history, culture, and language, promoting a deeper understanding of our rich Sikh heritage.